Reutech Solutions tries to ensure that the maximum impact is made through corporate social investment (CSI) spent, the business has decided to invest mainly in education and training for the benefit of previously disadvantaged individuals in South Africa.

The community is not only supported through monetary contributions but also through hands-on help through various initiatives.

The following organisations were supported during the past financial year:

Mandela Day 2018


Pathways-Pretoria, is a non-profit organisation that cater to the needs of children living with moderate to severe disabilities. Our team of volunteers together with the support of FarmerKidz assisted the children in building their own vegetable garden at their school in Pretoria. The children were also taught how to cultivate their own seedlings, as well as to plant and care for their own vegetables in future.

Eleven Experience Football Club


Eleven Experience Football Club, situated just outside Durban, was established in April 2017 with the purpose of nurturing sporting activity in the rural community. The aim of club is to reclaim the youth of Kwandengezi from the unhealthy anti-social practices of crime, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and a high school drop-out rate. Reutech Solutions believes in Eleven Experience Football Club’s motto of “Sporting excellence for stronger communities” and for that reason chose to support them by sponsoring their sports gear.

Reunert College


The Group's social responsibility programmes focus on adding value in the fields of education and training through the two campuses of the Reunert College in Alrode and Boksburg, where students are trained in the subjects of Maths and Science. The College is also used as an incubator for new resources to enter into Reutech's employment.

Mandela Day 2017


In the celebration of the legacy of Nelson Mandela Reutech Solutions Management and staff hosted a very successful day involving volunteers of Reutech Solutions to feed the poorest of the poor just outside Salvokop in Pretoria.

65 Students from the POPUP Upliftment Centre and approximately 220 homeless people benefitted from a tasty hot meal, milk, bread and a small gift prepared by Reutech Solutions volunteers.

Garden of Life


The IRCD together with Reutech Solutions launched the Farmer Kidz ETeach Project. This project aims to fight poverty and malnutrition by training pre-school and primary school children, the principles of growing self-sustainable vegetable gardens.

The project included the design, development, acquisition and distribution of the training hardware, such as electronic tablets. Software were created for the electronic distribution of the E-Teach programmes to 25 training centres. The project also included the training of the Farmer Kidz E-Teach facilitators in the use of the software as well as the related training material.

POPUP Upliftment Centre